Excellence and tradition



Gardone Val Trompia, master armorer's land since XVI century and head quarter of the famous "Beretta" armory, industrial giant founded in 1526 that made Trompia Valley known all around the world, is also a recognized center of ancient gastronomic traditions. If the high Valley is well known for its pastures and the fine cheese produced on its green mountains, in the city of Gardone V.T. was born one of the most ancient "Master butchers" families in Brescia province.

Peruchetti Giuseppe, a "red shirt" (Garibaldi follower) from Gardone V.T., back from Expedition of theThousands, leaded by Giuseppe Garibaldi, founded the "Macelleria Peruchetti Giuseppe & C." in 1870, exactly in the main square of the City, where it is still now, in the historical center of Gardone V.T., handing down this high art to the son Carlo, that began to help the father in 1895.

Carlo' son, Giovanni Peruchetti, was born in 1904 and he wasn't less then the fatger, keeping to developthe business, succeeding in 1915, at the beginning of the Great War. In 1940, named his son Carlo, in honour of his father that was dead. Carlo Peruchetti began at 16 years old working in the family company, with commitment and dedication.

From father to son the company grew up in fame and tradition untill today, when Carlo Jr.'s sons, Giuseppe Jr. and Giovanni Jr., in honour of the founder and of the grandfather, still continue to write the history of theancient "Macelleria Peruchetti Giuseppe & C.", together with the sister Paola.

The company business has always been the slaughter of cattle and pigs and the production of the tipical Brescia province cold cuts since 1993, when an italian law prohibited slaughtering in the historical city centers. Starting from that period, Peruchetti's family moved the slaughter activity to MEC-Carni, a slaughterhouse equipped with all modern technologies, for the total safety of the consumer. As always, they continue slaughtering only meat from animals that was born and raised in Italy, according tothe most traditional and natural farming methods. Moreover, in order to continue to serve the most genuine products and the authentic taste of Brescia tradition, they keep seasoning all their cold cuts in natural caves.

Giuseppe Peruchetti is one of the founders of the "Brescia Master Butchers Association".